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Creators of Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats & Logstash

Elastic Update | November 2016
The rumors are true: 5.0 GA is live!

We’re sharing a special edition of our Elastic update with five things to know about Elastic Stack 5.0.

117 days until Elastic{ON}17. Do you have your ticket?

1. Don’t Waste Another Minute Without 5.0

Move into the 5.0 universe at warp speed. If you’re upgrading from earlier versions of the Elastic Stack, check out our handy print guide or register for the November 29 webinar to get started.

If you’re downloading the Elastic Stack for the first time, we’ve got video tutorials to help you put Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats (coming soon!), and Logstash to work right away.

2. "5.0 Means… Whoa!"

Elastic devs share the essence of Elastic Stack 5.0 and why they can’t wait for you to experience this epic release. Watch the video.

3. These Are a Few of Our Favorite [5.0] Things

Nerd out with us as the team members behind 5.0 list their favorite features, from a new scripting language to a security UI, Beats Kafka output, and Kibana’s color-ific makeover. Watch the video.

4. A Brief History of Numeric Filtering Improvements in 5.0

Savor super-fast numeric range filtering and huge improvements to geospatial search courtesy of delightfully open source improvements to Lucene. Read the article.

5. Back to the Future: Shay Banon’s Live AMA Session

Elasticsearch creator Shay Banon hosted a live Ask Me Anything session last week to celebrate our 5.0 future. Travel back to the past (OK, so two weeks ago) and pretend like you were present: Watch the video.

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