Elasticsearch Service

3分鐘內部署 Elasticsearch 和 Kibana

為配合IT邦幫忙鐵人賽,選擇 Elastic Stack on Cloud 組別的參加者可以在 Elastic Cloud 上使用 Elasticsearch Service 30 天的試用而不是常態的 14 天免費試用。

  • 無需登記任何的信用卡
  • 獲取適用於您的用例的最新 Elastic Stack 版本,強大功能和優化模板。
  • 請使用您的公司電子郵件地址


8GB 內存
240GB 儲存空間
一鍵式升級到最新版本的 Elasticsearch 和 Kibana
先進的安全功能,例如身份驗證和基於角色的訪問 控制


為什麼選擇 Elastic Cloud 上的 Elasticsearch Service?

這是由 Elasticsearch 的創建者提供支持的唯一託管的 Elasticsearch 和 Kibana 產品。在 AWS,GCP 或 Azure 上運行,並無需等待最新版本或功能。此外,您還可以使用強大的免費功能 和 Elastic 支持。了解更多關於我們的官方產品與AWS Elasticsearch Service 的比較。


Elasticsearch 可擴展且快速的搜索,分析和存儲。


可視化您的 Elasticsearch 數據。

導航 Elastic Stack 。

Powerful Features

輕鬆保護,警報和監視 您的 Elasticsearch 集群。



使用 Elasticsearch 數據對行為進行建模,以發現屏幕上無法捕捉到的異常活動,基礎設施問題和業務趨勢。 Elasticsearch Service 上的機器學習在各種用例和數據集中具有靈活性,可讓您實時可視化結果。

Elastic Cloud Customers

Hosted Elasticsearch

A unique cloud experience built for Elastic

As the company behind Elasticsearch, we bring our features, support, and security to your clusters in the cloud.

Intuitively flexible

Configuration and deployment are a breeze. Simple scaling, custom plugins, and architecture optimized for log and time series data are only a taste of what’s possible.


Get the complete Elastic experience with features like machine learning, Canvas, APM, index lifecycle management, and more — exclusively available here.

Use case ready

Logging and metrics are just the start. Bring your diverse data together to address security, observability, and other critical use cases.

Elastic 的雲端客戶

Simple Management

Upgrade with a click, scale with a slider bar

From a single console, you can manage all your deployments. One-click upgrades mean getting the latest version of Elasticsearch and Kibana with no downtime. As we add new features and fixes, you’ll have day one access. And with deployment templates, you can easily select the hardware and architecture profiles that best suit your needs.


Apply powerful, exclusive features

From document- and field-level security to detecting anomalies using machine learning, Elastic delivers powerful features (built and maintained by Elastic engineers) that readily extend what's possible with Elasticsearch and Kibana.

Explore a few features right here — and of course, there's plenty more where that came from.


Customize simply

Add machine learning, scale a hot-warm architecture for a logging use case, or use a dedicated environment to best meet your needs. With Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud, you don’t have to choose between power and customization.


Logs, metrics, and APM in one place

Ingest logs into your hosted cluster and explore them in real time using the Logs app. Leverage Filebeat and Metricbeat to send data from your hosts, pods, and containers, and monitor them in the Infrastructure app. Instrument your own apps with Elastic APM to get deeper insights into your code.

Operational Happiness

Plus, perks for peace of mind

Sometimes it's the quiet benefits humming away in the background that can make a big difference.


We take care of snapshot and restore so you can rest easy knowing your data is secure.

It’s monitored, 24/7

When the network or hardware starts showing a little attitude, our team of Elastic Engineers is notified immediately and springs into action.

Expertise is at your fingertips

Get ticket- or SLA-based support from the engineering team behind the Elastic Stack.