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  • Get the latest versions, powerful features, and optimized deployment templates for your use case.

Trial comes with the following

4 GB memory
120 GB storage
High availability across two zones
One-click upgrade to the latest versions of Kibana and Elasticsearch
Advanced security features like authentication and role-based access control
Alerting capabilities to trigger notifications
Monitoring to optimize your cluster health
Protect your cluster with Encryption at REST
The Difference

Why Choose the Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud?

It's the only hosted Elasticsearch and Kibana offering available on AWS and GCP that's powered by the creators of Elasticsearch. Never wait for the latest versions; deploy them the same day they're released. Plus, powerful Elastic features and ticket-based support are at your disposal.


Scalable and speedy search,
analytics, and storage.


Visualize your Elasticsearch data.
Navigate the Elastic Stack.

Powerful Features

Easily secure, alert, and monitor
your Elasticsearch cluster.

Machine Learning

Automatically detect anomalies in your data with unsupervised machine learning in real time.

Integrated Security

TLS encryption, encryption at rest, role-based access control (RBAC), and field- and document-level security. It's all there.


(Free) Create live pixel‑perfect infographic‑style presentations of your Elasticsearch data.

Infrastructure & Logs UIs

(Free) Curated experiences for tailing log files and monitoring infra like containers, pods, and services.

Hot-Warm & Index Curation

(Free) Define how long indices are kept on hot data nodes before automatically moving to warm nodes.

Data Rollups

(Free) Save on space (and costs) by summarizing data into coarser time buckets as it ages for metrics use cases.

Elasticsearch SQL

(Free) Feel more comfortable with SQL? No problem. Use the syntax you're familiar with to query Elasticsearch.

Kibana Spaces

(Free) Organize Kibana dashboards and visualizations into separate spaces, and secure access using RBAC.


Get alerts and notifications about changes in your Elasticsearch data.

Elastic Cloud Pricing Calculator

Cluster Size

  • Memory
  • Storage (SSD)

Choose a cluster size. Cluster size can be changed later without downtime.

Recommended for production.

Need a larger cluster? Contact us.

All clusters use high-performance SSD storage.

Platform & Region

Choose your preferred cloud provider and region.
Note: South America East does not support SSD.

High Availability (HA)

Protect your cluster with replication and automatic failover.

Click, Drag, Play in Kibana.

Kibana is a powerful visualization tool that gives you the freedom to consume and share charts, graphs, and maps, all in one convenient dashboard. Configure and manage the Elastic Stack and give shape to your data using time series visualization, graph exploration, and Elastic Maps Service.

Activate Powerful Features with X-Pack

From document- and field-level security to monitoring the status of nodes and clusters, X-Pack delivers powerful features (built and maintained by Elastic engineers) that readily extend what's possible with Elasticsearch and Kibana.

Explore a few features right here.

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Elastic Cloud Customers

Amazing Performance, Little Cost

Have a slow query? Speed things up with the Elasticsearch Search Profiler, a handy feature for diagnosing misbehaving queries that's only available through Elastic Cloud. Explore and interact with the Profile API's output with handy visualizations in Kibana.

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Try it out. 14 days. No credit card required.