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Advanced Website Search Features. Right out-of-the-box

Flexible Web Crawler
Ingest and sync content easily with the click of a button
Platform Agnostic
Index and consume from any language or platform, thanks to a simple and portable JSON interface
Unrivaled Relevance
Harness the power of Elasticsearch for your search use case
Intuitively Customizable
Synonyms, weights, boosts, and result pinning allow you to easily tweak result sets
Seamlessly Scalable
No matter your size or growth, your engines scale with you
Analytics & Insights
Leverage invaluable insight into user behavior to curate a better search experience
The Difference

Why Choose the Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud?

It's the only hosted Elasticsearch and Kibana offering available on AWS and GCP that's powered by the creators of Elasticsearch. Never wait for the latest versions; deploy them the same day they're released. Plus, all X-Pack features and ticket-based support are at your disposal.


Scalable and speedy search,
analytics, and storage.


Visualize your Elasticsearch data.
Navigate the Elastic Stack.


Easily secure, alert, and monitor
your Elasticsearch cluster.

Play with Search Profiler

Have a slow query? Speed things up with the Elasticsearch Search Profiler, a handy feature for diagnosing misbehaving queries that's only available with the Elasticsearch service. Explore and interact with the Profile API's output with handy visualizations in Kibana.

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Powered by Elasticsearch, Elastic Site Search delivers relevant results for even the most complicated queries. With our language modeling intelligence you can expect that users will be able to search intuitively and always find the content they're looking for.

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